Music lessons are currently in person and online.

Tuition & Policies

How long does it last?

Lessons are ongoing all year round, summer included. Lessons end when written or emailed notice is given by the 15th of the month you wish to be your last.

sorry, verbal notice from student, parent, or teacher does not work. Cancellations must be in writing

In addition to lessons during the summer, we also offer some great camps and classes. That schedule is issued at the end of February.

What do I get for how much?
    • • Monthly tuition pays for your standing appointment. If you are unable to attend all standing appointments an additional spot is not guaranteed, but we do offer a once a month make-up class.


    • • Half hour lessons $146 monthly (44 lessons divided into 12 equal payments)


    • • Hour lessons $280. monthly (44 lessons divided into 12 payments)


    • • Tuition must be prepaid by the 20th of the month for lessons the following month. Your credit card number in our system allows for easy and secure automatic payments.


    • • Payments made after the first of the month incur $10 late fee.


    • • Due to demand, if payments are more than 30 days late your spot may be made available for new enrollees.


    • • Payments 2 months in arrears will be sent to collections


    • • $30 fee applied for any NSF transactions.


  • • WSMA does not issue refunds.
What if I have to miss a lesson?
    • • Option 1: You may enroll in a makeup class. Classes are offered once a month for those who have missed a lesson. These classes are taught by various teachers on topics that are useful for all musicians (theory, rhythm, ear training, etc.) and are planned with the specific enrolled students in mind. Please give a minimum of 24 hours notice when missing a lesson.


    • • Option 2: If you can give a minimum of 24 hours notice you are welcome to ask (max once a month) your teacher directly if they have another opening that same week that you may swap your time for. There is no guarantee that a spot will be available. NOTE: if teachers come in early, stay late or come in on additional days to accommodate a rescheduled lessons there will be a charge of $40 (½ hr) or $80 (hr) added to your account.


  • • Students wanting to attend the class who have not missed a lesson are welcome to sign up for the monthly class for a fee of $15.00. Lessons missed with less than 24 hours notice are forfeited. Rescheduled lessons missed (with or without notice) are forfeited.
What if a teacher misses a lesson?
    • • If a teacher can not attend a lesson there may, on occasion, be a qualified substitute.


    • • If a sub is not available students have the option to reschedule the lesson or receive a credit on their account.


  • • No refunds or reschedules will be given if you choose not to attend a lesson with a sub.
Performance opportunities

There are 2 recitals per year that any/all students may (but are not required to) sign up for. Additional performance opportunities are offered throughout the year for hard working/performance loving students (by teacher invitation). Also the summer group classes and camps have really fun gigs June through August. Exact dates TBA.

Schedule, Holidays and Closures
    • • Lessons begin and end on the half hour. If you are late for your lesson, you will have a short lesson.


    • • Please see attached calendar for a complete list of holidays/closures.
      WSMA will be closed for both Holy Rosary and Seattle Public Schools’ spring breaks. If your school’s spring break falls on a different week than one of these, please notify the front desk.


Emergency Closures

In the event of inclement weather or other unexpected interruption, WSMA may cancel classes. If this happens a “snow day” make up on the same day and time as regular lessons will be added at the end of the year in June. No refunds or reschedules will be given if you cannot make the snow day.

Child Safety

Please be assured that of our teachers are background checked. To ensure your child’s safety please pick him/her up promptly after the lesson. WSMA is not responsible for supervising children in the waiting area. Photos/Videos of students may be used for promotional purposes. If you are opposed to this please let us know at the time of sign up.

Agreeing To Terms

By paying for and starting lessons, you have agreed to the terms of this contract.