Sphie Holman

Sphie Holman

Instruments: Voice, Piano

Students: Vocals -- Intermediate to Prodigy; Piano -- Beginning and Advanced

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Sphie is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, performer and recording artist. One of her works, an EP called “Limitless Extraordinaire”, explores many diverse spectrums of rhythm and instrumentation. Music is her love language, one that she began speaking at an early age.

When Sphie was a little girl, she listened to her favorite singers and wanted to discover her own unique expression. Piano helped her understand the fabric of music theory and technique; it began to compliment her dreams and influence her goals as a vocalist. Music also helped Sphie explore her body as a resonator of art, inspiration, and connection.

Sphie was trained from an early age in classical opera, musical theater and piano; she also had a thriving curiosity in improvisation, songwriting and pop performance, crafts that she nurtured on her own. The the McNally Smith College of Music in the Twin Cities, Sphie studied under many renown musicians, including Judi Donaghy (jazz vocalist), Lori Dokken (singer and pianist), Sean Turner (composer), and Chopper Black (producer).

Today, Sphie helps students explore all channels of their creativity, in song, performance, and multimedia. She loves intertwining improvisation, jazz and ear training while also offering knowledge in pop performance from an entertainment perspective.

In addition to private vocal, piano and performance lessons, Sphie generates curriculum for inner-city music programs. Her goal is to enhance and enrich creativity within young minds and nurture compassionate creativity in people of all ages.

On Sphie’s Stereo:

“I listen to a lot of production, cinematic and orchestrated music. However, I love all music of all varieties and feel inspired by the creativity expressed by all. “

Favorite Gig

“I enjoy playing festivals and have several memories of playing various festivals nationwide that resonate. I love sharing the stage with other conscious artists and being a part of the journey and transformation that can take place in that time.”

Why Sphie Loves West Side Music Academy

“I love the family-like atmosphere of WSMA. It is a professional environment where I feel that I am building roots in my community. I love being a part of an intimate environment that encourages love, nurturing and compassion while building a solid music foundation. I love feeling respected for my talents and what I offer in music education while being able to offer the best of me to my community.”