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Piano/Voice Lessons

From Elton John and Billy Joel to Lady Gaga and Sara Bareilles, there’s no sure-fire showstopper like a talented singer playing a piano. West Side Music Academy can help you develop these talents together in styles ranging from jazz to pop.


Piano and Voice Lessons In West Seattle & Online

Cheli O’Bannan : Teacher

Cheli O’Bannan


Instruments:Piano and Voice.

Students: All Ages.

Styles: Classical, Country, Gospel, Rock and Pop.

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Cheli grew up in a home where music was always being played. Whether it was her Mom or Grandma playing the piano, or someone listening to and singing along with one of their favorite albums, music was a source of joy and connection. After her second grade teacher taught her the song “Heart and Soul”, she begged her mom for piano lessons. From the age of 8 on, piano has been part of her daily life. She will happily contribute harmonies to any song, at every opportunity.

On Cheli’s Stereo:
I love anything with awesome vocal harmonies. Stevie Wonder, I never get tired of him. I really enjoy listening to Motown, jazz, indie pop, old country, 70's punk and glam rock also some hip-hop & techno.

Favorite Gig:
I once played a show with Mannequin BBQ; the gig gave me the opportunity to teach at WSMA. I love it here!

Why Cheli Loves West Side Music Academy:
I love it when my students play a piece or sing a song and excitedly ask, "What are we gonna learn next?!"