West Side Music Academy Group Music Classes
Learn music in group classes with West Side Music Academy

Group Music Classes

1. Small ensembles!

Playing music with other like-minded musicians is an essential and fun part of the experience. If you are interested in participating let us know. We will get you paired up with the right peers and get a teacher to work with you.

2. Summer camps!

These are always a big hit. We do rock bands, jazz combo, chamber group, preschool music and more. If there’s any particular camp you’d like to participate in we’ll happily hear your requests. Planning starts in Nov/Dec and registration goes up in February.

3. Preschool Music!

WSMA is pleased to be able to offer a fun & engaging music class for young children ages 2-5!
Discover the joys of music through a play-based curriculum with games, songs, storytelling, puppets & more! Jump, dance, sing, play and make new friends!

This class will be taught by Annie O’Neill, a Seattle- based professional musician who has been co-teaching music and preschool classes for 20+ years .

The classes will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00a-11:45a. You can enroll in one class on either Tuesday or Thursday or enroll in both!

Once weekly is $130/mo and twice weekly is $220/mo. We will have school closures during holiday breaks.

If you are interested or can think of any others that may be interested in having their kiddos enrolled in this class please email us here: infowsma@gmail.com